Monday, 25 April 2011


I can't wait for  The Royal Wedding. As a true Royalist it is one of the most exciting events in the last few years.  Not excited by Oliver Cromwell,  or any of his dreariness, I am firmly a Charles 11 and Henry V111, fan.  Prince William has the IT factor, he is fun, intelligent, young, worthy and correct, yet  he has the panache and glamour of his Mother.
Catherine Middleton, feels refreshingly normal for the crazy world we live in. Catherine gives up her real privacy,  and she loves her Prince.  She is elegant,  dressing correctly, and I like the fact she goes into normal shops like Warehouse, and makes the clothes look  beautiful.  Both William and Catherine know each other very well.  For love to exist in this celebrity ghastly culture, is already a miracle. she conducts herself beautifully.  Young slim and pretty, with abundant hair, she is about to be a wife to a significant human being. Catherine is a huge plus for England.  Our  slobby culture has lots to learn from her.