Friday, 29 April 2011


How could I sleep?

What does this Royal Wedding mean? It means so much.  It gives us hope for a modern future. This young couple hold the keys of leadership and have the intelligence to make the world and Great Britain a better place. It could seem incredibly out of place when there are so many tragedies. It is not. It is part of life, and it makes everybody feel good, patriotic, and full of joy.  There is nothing like a good wedding to bring happiness into the world. The Royal Family do a huge amount for charity.
Crowds lined the streets cheering the Royals, with a definite air of optimism.
Mrs Middleton wore Catherine Walker. Very touching and thoughtful of her as Catherine died last year.  Elegant, good taste, safe,  No surprise but totally correct.
Catherine is young, sophisticated with an incredible figure she can wear anything, she wore a white dress with a huge skirt,  a  sumptious white lace bodice, V neck, with tight sleeves reminiscent of Grace Kelly's wedding dress.  A moment in history that made me cry.  Sarah Burton for Alexander Mcqueen as I correctly thought,  designed the dress and  a smiling Catherine entered the church. The Tiara was made by Cartier 1936 and it was made for the Queen Mother, who then gave it to the Queen.
Her sister Phillipa looked ravishing too  in a simple long dress.
Phillip Treacy's hats were worn by Victoria Beckham, the Princesses Eugenie in royal blue and Beatrice in powder pink, both looked well dressed and put together..
Her Majesty the Queen in Canary yellow looked well and happy.
The two Princes in uniform looked better than any Hollywood film star.
Today Great Britain feels great.
Thank goodness I did not sleep.

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