Sunday, 10 April 2011


I often see women very confused and bemused by the overpowering thoughts of what to wear.  Most women are terrified to enter their cupboards for fear that the very dress they want to wear has wine down it and is filthy. So always be careful to put things away clean.  Perhaps they have eaten too much and their hair has been dyed the wrong colour.  I agree it feels like hell.  There is nothing worse than coming into your bedroom and seeing all the clothes on the floor in a terrible pile.  So I have learnt to be tidy.  Incredible as it sounds I know where my black dresses are beware someone who moves them.  I tend to like the same thing not because of a lack of imagination but because my figure is the same and only the same shapes suit me.  I don't care how unfashionable black is I am wearing it.  I would not be seen dead in a pink dress. Follow fashion,  but wear what suits you, be open to change, but know your shape. Flowers on a big bottom do not look good, equally white trousers on anybody who is over a size 16 makes them look worse.

These are a few rules that I apply to myself.

Always try to stay the same weight. If you do then all the clothes will fit for the rest of your life.  I do not know how long I can be careful for, but I will do my best. I also leave all my clothes under plastic as clothes remain looking good this way.
Do exercise three times a week, this has saved my life.  I hate moving my limbs but mentally and physically the human body needs it.  Yoga has been incredible for me and stopped depression after having two babies.
Underwear is essential, especially as you get older.  Make sure that you have two pairs of spanx or something similar to make the most of your shape. Buy in nude and black to wear under anything you are not meeting your lover in.
They are not sexy so choose your moment.
Always over clean your teeth.  They have to last a lifetime and so it is good to look after them.
Always have a manicure.  I you use Sophy Robson or Zaida.
A pedicure is okay every two or three weeks.  I do them every week, but I am fussy.
Carry peppermints in your bag not gum, it look ugly chewing gum.  I have often been caught and it is disgusting.
Do not get drunk. Friends were worse for wear are ugly.
Make sure your underwear looks  like it matches when you put it on.
I hate deodorant it makes marks on your clothes so use Agent Provocateur talcum powder or one that you like, and make sure it applied on a clean body.
Deodorant smells like deodorant and I am not sure that men find that attractive, equally stinking is not good either.
You can use botox under your arms, but I can barely stand it on face so would probably find it hell under my arms, unless I had a real problem I would not do it.  Definitely on the face though, personally I don't want anything to move.
Be careful over your choice of handbags and shoes.  If I was broke they are the only areas I would consider spending more money on.  I like platform shoes and prefer running around in wedges.  Usually I buy Yves Saint Laurent.  Dunes copy them beautifully. Do not do what the Roman's do in Italy which is yellow dress, yellow bag. I hate this look.
Careful with too much makeup.  I love makeup, but sometimes I can look like I am about to win an Oscar  and this  is as unattractive to men as having nothing on at all. Sometimes I think  I use it to keep them away.  It's like a mask.  It's the Virgo in me.  I am Taurus but am Leo/Virgo rising, and I think its definitely more Virgo evan though I look a Leo.
I love having my hair done, along with Yoga it saved my life.  No matter what happens to me I shall always look for a friendly hairdresser who likes camp hair.
Read a lot, I stopped reading because of the computer.  I am ashamed to say as I used to read 2 books a week.  Put the computer away.
Lastly go for a walk.  The air makes you feel good. I used to dread it when I was a child. The Sunday walks with the family are what keep people together,  I now think they are essential.
Lastly eat green, another area I had a problem with.  Become a lover of all that is green.  Apples I swear have stopped my hot flushes and improved my mood.
It is a sunny day go and have fun.

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