Friday, 8 April 2011


Last night I had the luck to be invited to Philip Taaffe's opening and a delicious dinner at Mark's Club in London.  A true treat, English food at its best.  Smoked salmon and roast chicken always sends me to heaven.  Philip Taaffe had such a brilliant spoken introduction that I have to take myself again to the show to see all its magical effects.

It has been a busy week. The hardworking Kelly Hoppen has written another book, Ideal, her flare and design.  Kelly never stops  helping people freely with her ideas and talent.

It is incredible weather in London. Living on the river makes me so happy. I am busy looking for a cottage, a tiny chocolate box cottage with a garden.  I want to find a Hansel and Gretel number, ye olde fairie worlde. Gnarled wood and a huge fireplace.  A river and no traffic.  Feeling nature is a need. It is coming  closer and closer.

I went to a really fun Curry Lunch in aid of injured soldiers in the City. This charity is truly worthwhile.
Injured soldiers are poorly looked after in this society of ours.  Although I don't approve of war, it is not the fault of those in the Army. They should be helped at all costs.

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