Saturday, 23 April 2011


I am now on my fourth day and although I hate most of the juices I am fast regaining my figure back from the boring menopause that thing nobody talks about.  Actually I couldn't give a damn about it.  It is a fact of life and I am happy to hand over the reins of producing children to another beautiful generation.  I don't know why such a fuss is made over it. I have lost in four days 5.4 pounds and I look much better.  I have 4 pounds to go, so I had better not slip up today.  I have had moments of weakness and apathy, moments of rattiness but actually because I didn't feel lumpy I am mostly happy. It also has the other benefit of no gallstone pain.

I went on a long trip yesterday and the diet worked well.  It comes in easy to use glass bottles.  Joshua Tree was all I expected yards of desert, white trash cool houses, bikes and drive in cafe's.  In my mind I had imagined something else, Joshua Tree was in the singular, so I suppose I imagined one huge tree in the middle of a desert under stunning mountains.  It wasn't quite that, but I am pleased I saw it.  By mistake I drove to Palm Springs which looked incredibly manicured and ready for the last ten years of your life sort of place.  Dentists next to doctors, next to the golf club, next the cemetery.

Yesterday  Yassi Mazandi brought in an art piece for my bedroom, three beautiful ceramic flowers look stunning in my bedroom.  She is the genius of all time, and a lovely friend too.

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