Thursday, 7 April 2011


What do these quotes that  are continually printed from Dalai Lama mean if people don't truly believe what he saying?. They are not supposed to be quoted at dinner parties and on Facebook and then not followed through.  They are meant to be lived and not put on like a broach.  Does this mean that people think that by quoting him they have the keys to heaven?.  You don't read it so much as believe it, know it and do it. "Actions speak louder than words" is a famous English saying.  There are people in the world who talk like this too.
It seems to me that people when criticised like to whip out a spiritual quote as soon as they are questioned about their motives, as if they are better and more untouchable than every other human being.  It is as if they say "How can you question me, look I can walk on the water, and I don't even get my pedicure wet?".

When you do something for somebody and everybody knows it it is generosity and charity, but when you do it and nobody knows you do it, it is integrity and spirituality.  So I say to them "Turn the other cheek and I will slap that too"...

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