Wednesday, 23 March 2011



I am a person who likes to live life to the full.  As a child my grandmother said to me, while we were sitting outside in the sun "If I die now I will not care, because I have done everything in my life that I have wished to do"  
So listening to the pearls of wisdom and against others advice I like to try my hand at writing, poetry, neons, photography, decorating and music. I am not a person who is afraid to do this, although it is normal to do only one thing.  I just like to live the most interesting life possible.  
At the moment I have done the Seven Deadly Sins, based on some  cartoons of me drawn by Kay Saatchi.  Kay has many talents, she has never shown her cartoons before and probably would never have done so, but I loved them. I decided to make  the images of me sinning  into neons.  

The artist I most adore is Tracey Emin, there is something  within Tracey that I love.  She is fragile, funny, witty and very clever.  With rooms at the Tate and thought to be so talented, I made a neon of me 'a la Tracey' with loads of cash.  Without Kay and Tracey, I just would not have had such an interesting time in the art world.  In fact between them they encouraged and taught me so much.

At the same time I was writing in the middles of the night and I have written a tiny book of poetry called "Sins of a Butterfly" It will be put to music by Vincenzo Demaar ,the spoken word by Gabrielle a friend of Vince's, I love her voice as it has a tranquility that I like. 

PLAY "As I like it"
Last year Lyall Watson and I wrote two plays, one called Flashback and one called As I like it.  We spent roughly a month together.  We have written a play about a woman who loves life and is forever searching for real love against a back drop of drama and intrigue.  It will be performed the first two weeks of July in the Chelsea Theatre, off the Kings Road, by another friend of mine called Justine Gilston and my son Charles Eliasch.

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