Sunday, 6 March 2011


Back in Paris I feel at home, a narrow escape from the domestic bliss idea of a house in the country.  Back to my reality, fashion. First I went to L'Avenue, a Costes restaurant in the Avenue Montaigne to meet my friend and glamour hair guru Snowden Hill.  I think the Costes Brothers own the whole city. Then to a party for my friend, Richard Mortimer, known as Big Rich who I have known for one hundred years, he used to scrub my hair clean many moons ago. Now he is publishing a seriously funky magazine called Pony Step Magazine with two covers, one of Jerry Hall and the other of Kylie Minogue. It is a wonderful magazine very glossy and with readable articles and fabulous advertisements.  Chanel nail varnish literally pouring over the page to greet an article on Vidal Sassoon, an article on Mark Jacobs and then Fergus Henderson.  This is funny and amuses me as I rarely read articles in magazines, I read them all here. A beautiful shoot of Phil Poynter's, and then the non stop sexiness of Angel Rose. And so it goes on without giving the surprise away.  I felt like a proud mother when I saw Big Rich tonight I am so happy.

The town is still talking over the behaviour and dismissal of John Galliano from Dior. In Paris every opinion counts, but with so many varied ideas, it is truly difficult to know what really happened. Actually what is really surprising is that I used to see him in a friend of mines house who was Jewish, and who will remain nameless, all the time.  Even more peculiar he was well liked and never anti semitic, or even gave a hint of being so.  Anyway his show was a quiet affair compared to the flamboyance a few weeks ago and his sacking from Dior.  I am sure the seam mistresses will miss him, the money men, of course  no. His shows cost a bomb but in my eyes they were worth it. I hope he comes back safely with no thoughts of killing himself further.  Was he set up? Did he mean what he said? Is he anti semitic? Did Dior just wish to sack him because he was a diva?  Well the truth will come out.  He is undoubtably one of the greatest designers ever. So be in disgrace in the corner John, apologise, don't do it again, and carry on for may be yourself?.
I predict this is the writing on the wall for shows. They are nearly over.

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