Saturday, 26 March 2011


Tonight I had a most wonderful operatic experience.  Peter Brook, always modern, always energetic, gave this lengthy opera of Mozart's a new look.  Although the singing was only adequate in my view, the whole energy of the piece was incredible.  I wanted to watch.  I didn't want to leave immediately, my attention was grabbed and I have never been so happy. It was a thoroughly contemporary version.  The Barbican is always tricky for me to find, but I so wanted to see this, that I made sure I arrived on time.
Mozart is shown to be wicked, naughty with a great sense of humour and the singers have a tenderness that is appealing.  Make every effort to go. Personally I find sitting through operas tricky and although I adore them I have to be in the mood.  This time I cannot give the whole experience enough praise.

On another note apparently they are cutting down Lime trees in Nottinghill Gate. The reckless chopping of trees is the most stupid pass time. We need trees in London, the more the merrier. Think before you chop,  a friend is fighting a big battle with her neighbours who wish to take the Lime trees down.  Go for it girl.

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