Monday, 7 March 2011


It's a beautiful day in Paris and luckily I can lie in bed a little longer.  My invitation did not arrive for  Ungaro. The public relation companies in the field of fashion are sloppy.  It was meant to have arrived yesterday but did not. Of course there is a chance for Yves Saint Laurent tonight, as there seem to be two shows like last time, but really this nervous feeling "Will I get in?" is beginning to be a bore.  The problem is celebrity.  The bigger the designer the more protected they get and the staff become more sloppy and more grand and inefficient.  I have been fashion editor for Genlux Magazine in Los Angeles for two years.  It is a magazine that is produced on beautiful paper and most of the shoots are stunning. It is produced in a traditional manner.  With so many places going to fashion editors at Vogue Magazine around the world, there are so few places for other up and coming magazines. How long I wonder will it take for this magazine  to be recognised in Paris?  So all the fashion houses have cocky pr's? No there are some incredible pr's too among them Karla Otta.  Chanel is one of the best run houses and gives every editor the chance to see  their show elegantly.  They do it beautifully.    In any case all this starts at the top, and this is why someone sensitive like John Galliano went and destroyed himself.
The designer has to produce a new show every three months and the pressure is on.  They have to sell to the far east who are the biggest buyers, and they have to be acclaimed in the press that they are incredible. The designer gets a few assistants designers, and then some more, if he is successful, soon the problems start. It is the same in film and football, in fact any profession celebrity is important.  Last week Charlie Sheen went crazy and demanded one million per episode and got everybody dismissed. Alexander Mcqueen committed suicide last year and Isabella Blow who had  not so much recognised success in life, and more in death, the year before. Artistic people suffer from depression and it gets a label called bad temper, spoilt and aloof.  You can get body guards for these people and they won't turn up for work, suffering paranoia. Body guards and assistants are not friends, they are what they are. They do as they are told. Galliano's assistant last year Robinson committed suicide after suffering depression.  The Balmain designer has been in treatment too.  The job of being a celebrity in fashion film or football is such that if you are sensitive you will fall if you take drugs and alcohol, and may be if you don't.
Bad behaviour filters through all these things, and when public relation companies are paid for each celebrity that they get to go to something, the circle of events is almost inevitable.   Look at Ashley Cole who thought it was clever taking a rifle to work and ended up shooting someone.  Of course footballers are allowed to behave badly and he didn't get sacked, he is clearly ill though. We all know the rules and if we break them we know there is a problem within us.  However these celebrity aliens forget this.

Still, the writing is on the wall for fashion's pampered pooches, because and the lovely Tim Blanks do the shows so well.  One day, I shall sack the chauffeur, save money, enjoy the sunshine and listen to the birds of Montparnasse.  The big shows  and celebrity are nearly dead.

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