Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Last year I fell in love with a pink piano by Damien Hirst.  It was eventually auctioned and Larry Gagosian bought it after Lady Gaga played on it.  I tried to buy it from Larry but he refused to sell it.  I decided to make one myself. So off I trotted in Los Angeles with my brown piano and got it painted pink.  I am wondering whether to cover it with blue butterflies like the original?  I looked on line for butterflies and think I will keep mine plain.
Back in London I feel good. What a week it has been, so much achieved.
I like weeks like that, especially when involves furniture and the decorative arts.  There was something so comforting about having Nicky Haslam to stay.  He treats me to such incredible adventures.  He fills my head with knowledge.  He has intellectual pursuits. Every morning I found my whole house gently moved around.  I like to think I have good eyes for positioning furniture having worked for Kenneth Turner and Conran, but Nicky's are precise. Male decorators have an added flare and precision I can only dream about.
Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Leura Fines quickly helped me change this house into a wonderful  adventure too. Introducing horizontal stripes. Of course I love the house of Tony Ducquette's and Howard Wilkinson's and wish I could create such a house and garden. At the moment I shall be grateful for what has been born out of good intentions.
My piano is divinely pink and puts me in a good mood every day. It is sunshine.

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