Saturday, 26 March 2011


Some things happen all at the same time, my play that I wrote with Lyall Watson last year  is at last going on at the Chelsea Theatre on the from about the 1st-14th July.  It is so exciting working on things together with this old friend from RADA. He has a wonderful brain and I always learn something.
My neon signs are being shown at the Leadapron in Melrose, California on the 16th June, again I worked with friends, I like this the best.  Kay kindly drew me cartoon of me committing the 7 deadly sins.  I feel every human is capable of sinning and some  are too self righteous.  The human needs to be a whole lot kinder.  I hope people will find the neons full of humour.
Lastly my poetry book is coming out too, the Sins of a Butterfly.  So I shall be busy for the next few months. I like it that way. Vincenzo Demaar has put them to music and I am very excited about the whole production.  Thank you all for being so much fun to work with.
The Whitechapel Gallery threw open their doors the other night for an incredible night of drama, film, dance and auction.  Sponsored by the most comfortable shoes in the world Tods. I hung out with the lovely Tim Noble, Mat Collishaw, Fiona Banner and Edouard Desforges, who the photographers chased around as if he was a film star.  Well he does look like one.
The huge collector Anita Zabludowicz was there too..and Paul Fryer amongst others. I missed the Eco friendly dinner costing thousands but I love my art world better.

Off to see Peter Brook's A Magic Flute tonight.
Yesterday I made a flying visit to Sussex on a boiling hot Spring day.  I looked at houses and goodness knows how any one is expected to afford the country.  The houses were a fortune.  I loved all of them, sometimes I miss green.

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Miles said...

your blog is so much better written! good luck with the play. i must admit that i was inspired today by your enthusiasm.