Saturday, 19 March 2011


Number One
Daphne Guinness

Number two

Number three
Lynn Wyatt

Number four
Naomi Campbell

Number five
January Jones

Number six
Emma Stone

Number seven
Kate Moss

Number eight
Dita von Teese

Number nine
Franca Sozzani

Number ten
Victoria Beckham

Number eleven
Alexa Chung

Number twelve
Kate Winslet

Number thirteen
Keira Knightley

Number fourteen
Georgia May Jagger

Number fifteen
Rushka Bergman

Number sixteen
Poppy Delevigne

Number seventeen
Tilda Swinton

Number eighteen
Martha Sitwell

Number nineteen
Carey Mulligan

Number twenty
Trinny Woodall

Number twenty- one
Amanda Harlech

Number twenty- two
Andrea Delall

Number twenty -three
Ayoka Comte

Number twenty-four
Kelly Osbourne

Number twenty-five

Number twenty-six
Carole Bamford

Number twenty-seven
Sienna Miller

Number twenty-eight
Elaine Lassmann

Best dressed lists are often kissing clients lists. It is difficult for Vogue to be without bias, or any other magazine.  You have to consider too many things, and ordinary people with style don't get noticed.  I have tried to not do this.  This is my personal list, with my ideals and does not represent the chaos in the celebrity stable.  I like women who are creative with their wardrobe, face and hair.  For instance in London really the best dressed should go to Elaine Lassmann who is discreet and hidden away.  She dresses with style and panache every day.  No one sees her.  Then there are the women who are very much in the public eye who are given clothes and stylists and this is not fair either.  I like Daphne Guinness because she is forever re inventing herself.  I like the simplicity of Lynn Wyatt who at the Oscars I thought was the best dressed.  Ayoka Comte who makes her own clothes and shoes. Victoria Beckham who has created some wonderful chic simple dresses, her own style perfect.  Amanda Harlech Karl Lagerfeld's muse, has stood the test of time, and Adele who surely is the prettiest and best dressed round woman in the world?  Everybody on this list I admire.  Nobody bribes me with a handbag or shoes so it comes from the heart.

After this terrible week for Japan, and all the people in the country please donate time and energy to help them if you can.  The Japanese obviously don't require cash but they do require expertise in tricky areas that may happen to us one day.  My soul goes out to them and so I thought I would add light relief on what might be the worst week in the history of the world. Nostradamus could be right?

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lkofie said...

Well....I really don't understand how/why Kelly Osbourne made the list but...