Monday, 28 February 2011


A week in Los Angeles passed with perfection, I had so many party invitations that I had a whirlwind of a week.  The most treasured moment was receiving my Vanity Fair  invitation, thanks to Nicholas Haslam..  I felt 16 all over again, it was so exciting. Indeed the party lived up to all expectations.   I wore my Emilia Wickstead lace dress and had my hair done by Angela at Ken Vo and my make up by Tonya Crooks the new eye brow queen of Los Angeles.  I was so happy  seeing Colin Firth win best Actor, I think he deserves this for almost all his parts. Not happy that Helena Bonham Carter did not win, she has become an excellent actress.
I also luckily visited Tony Ducquette's house which just happens to be underneath mine. Tony collected so many incredible things.  Hutton Wilkinson has preserved the collection of incredible furniture and design and you feel you are in a museum, including a beautiful desk and other art.  We arrived having gone to the wrong house first.  It is smaller than I imagined, but so spectacular inside. Tony and Elizabeth were set designers, jewellers and creators of style in  Hollywood. I felt so lucky and happy to have see inside this house, which allowed me to appreciate old Hollywood style. The garden was perhaps one of the most exciting experiences of my life, with a river and barge in it.
My new house is everything I desire.  I cannot believe the transformation.  From ugly duckling to swan.

The bedlam in the Middle East is terrifying with death and destruction only just beginning.  Where will this all end?. So despite the happiness of this week being with close friends, my mind wandered off thinking about the poor people a flight away.

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