Monday, 7 February 2011

GILBERT AND GEORGE at White Cube by kind invitation of Louis Vuitton

This evening was full of unexpected delights and one of them was listening to Gilbert and George.  They spoke in clipped well educated voices of yesterday.  One very German and one very English.  White cube is showing their work which is available. They are egalitarian, they are neat orderly gentleman from another time, old fashioned with tweed suits, yet they are not.. Louis Vuitton asked me to this very interesting event and I of course jumped at the opportunity to listen.
They have created a collection of postcards, entirely British, with flags and statements.  They wanted them to be available mentally to everybody.  Each picture containing thirteen of the same postcard.  For me however I prefer other work.  I love their photographs.  I am not so interested in what goes up in a telephone box.  They are, that is the difference, they are interested in normality and fantasy.  They have been a double act since 1969 when they got admiration for their "Singing Sculptures".  Since then they have gone from strength to strength, fighting their way  through the art world addressing mans rights including homosexuality.

As usual I tried to be ambitious booking too many things on one evening and on the top of this I am excited. I finished my new book of poems and my friend Vincenzo DeMaar has kindly done the layouts.

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