Friday, 4 February 2011


Charles Finch, is part of the Hollywood Aristocracy, knowing how to create and give a party, he has also made a pledge with good taste..  He is multi talented  with enormous charisma and  his new venture, Chuc and Dive, in Dover Street, pays homage to chic old fashioned travel.
Equally busy with Finch and Partners, he is an advisor and public relations king to many brands, one of them Debeers, and to top it all has a newspaper all of his own called Finches Quarterly.  This man does not stop. Yesterday I went to a pre BAFTA party at Georges on South Audley Street for Debeers.  Debeers collection was equally understated, the two brands suiting each other.
His new shop in Dover Street, Chuc and Dive, stocks vintage/contemporary holiday clothes, beautifully cut and suitable for mountain sun and sea. On the hessian wall he had photographs of his father, Peter Finch in Jamaica and when I arrived at the opening party it was squashed with  English celebrities among them Emma Thompson.  Of course I was on my diet and could not stop for the dinner at Automat, the hamburgers and hot dogs looked too delicious next to my lettuce leaf. I had to leave quickly before I ate the whole lot, but was persuaded to pose for Alan Davidson on his car as some page three gorgeous.

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