Wednesday, 9 February 2011

THE LEGEND LARRY CLARK, AT SIMON LEE's Gallery in Berkeley Street, W.1.

The legend Larry Clark has a new show on at Simon Lee's gallery in Berkeley street, next to Nobu. His realistic portraits of teenage life are fascinating.  I wasn't shocked although to some they will be outrageous, and in the past an exhibition in Paris has had restricted viewing.
They instead  reveal interesting insights into young adults lives.  His collages are alluring.  I was thinking to myself, are they sexy? Are they revolting? There is one photograph of a girl having gone to the loo on herself.  Are they perverted? I actually loved them.  With remarks attached to one collage saying "All women are crazy, they all want to fuck their fathers" and in another corner he had written "Don't mistake kindness for weakness"
Many photographers have tried to copy him among them Terry Richardson, for me I prefer Larry's brutal honesty. He is the real thing. Quietly spoken, with a huge sense of humour and an ability to listen.  I was luckily sitting next to him at dinner. He is modest and interested in everything. Thank goodness for my friendship with Simon Lee who gave me such excellent placement.

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