Friday, 25 February 2011


The collapse of empires, the loss of green, the upside world in which we all live, poverty versus the rich. We are ready for revolution throughout the world, even Ed Ruscha's timely and interesting exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills, takes care to show us that it is the end.  A little grass with an old used can.
It's a rough world we live in even if you are sleeping in a 'padded velvet encrusted with Swarovski crystals type of life'. It was amusing to be surrounded by so many clever  people.  Somewhere millions of years from now we will look like the last days of the Roman Empire.
Looking at the map this morning I realised how stormy the whole of the Middle East could get.  I needed to remind myself of distances. Libya next to Egypt, next to Algeria, next to Tunisia, next to Morocco. Too near Lebanon and Israel.  It's a boiling pot that the heat is always kept on simmer.
John Galliano has been suspended from Dior for ant semite behaviour, I would like to hear exactly what was said.  Was it said in jest, is there no humour left in the world? Or was it meant?  What did he intend when he spoke? Or did he intend anything?  I was sent the article this morning, what was the meaning of the sending? I know but what was the point?  This sums up the whole deep and terrible problem which has been growling under  lush organza.  I am not in a position to argue anything.  I just remember my Father explaining the political problems in this area, way before this.  It is why I have no feelings to return.
Why we assume that our presence is wanted there, or why we assume that we can change the peoples of this area, is a mystery to me.  We cannot, and we cannot expect them to love us either.  In any case it is just about oil and god.  My father wrote a book called Oil, God and Gold.   Now we will understand the catastrophe of relying on one commodity more than another.
We will simply have to get our horse and cart out again, and with an apple mac regain our love of nature and slow down our pace.  Or perhaps the motor companies could pull their fingers out and design a car that everybody wants that runs on air?
Back to Ed Ruscha and the party given by Larry Gagosian last night which the witty Nicholas Haslam took me too.  Larry had an incredible turnout, Mick Jagger, Valentino, Vera Wang, it was quite an evening at Mr Chows. This is all mixed up, but it shows clearly the turmoil mounting. Can we stop it? Artists like Ed address the subject, Larry supports it, but what really can be done?

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