Monday, 14 February 2011


I have lots of happy memories of my childhood in Wiltshire, I am surprised actually as I used to moan about it all the time. I have always liked glamour and clothes more than the rest of my family.  Now  I appreciate its tranquility, however then it was a little too rural and rustic.  The Wiltshire downs are stunning geographically.  My mother lived in the same village as my grandparents.  The village was very pretty, it was  tiny with horses. There were only seven houses. The local farmer, an ageing brigadier and his wife, my mother, with at the time, 7 whippets, two farmhands in a cottage and my grandparents. I remember this as it is my Grandfather's birthday tomorrow, and he was the most incredible man on the planet, Sidney Gilliat, film director, writer and producer.  He and my Grandmother were the only people who seemed to believe in me at all  times, and despite others disbelief he would quietly tell me to do what I wanted to do, without causing a huge fuss. He was a lover of Shakespeare, opera, writing and tomato growing. My childhood was a long way away from the BAFTA's and Oscars, but because I was brought up in the film and music worlds, I love them and of course I love razzmatazz and the dresses.

The BAFTA award is a beautiful heavy shiny toy to win, made of brass,  it carries acknowledgement for the most deserving and I am very happy as the people I wanted to win BAFTA's did.  The following I cared about, of course there were many others: Helena Bonham-Carter, best supporting actress, Colin Firth, best actor, Alexandre Desplat, the genius composer, for best musical score, Kings Speech best film, and best thank you speech Helena who was very funny.  Colleen Attwood, best costume design for Alice in Wonderland, created incredible costumes for Tim Burton's Alice, and deserved the accolade. The highlight of the whole evening was when the autocue collapsed, but Rosamund Pyke elegantly carried on with humour. I was a guest of The British Film Institute's Amanda Neville.  The Grosvenor House ballroom looked very patriotic with beautiful flower arrangements with the British Flag and  pink peonies and Lilies stood out
I went with Meredith Ostrom who looked spectacular if not slightly underdressed in a royal blue Julien Macdonald dress, she later got slammed for it, I thought it suited her.  Perhaps it was too daring, or perhaps she wanted to be noticed?.  In any case she received a blasting from the press, and now will probably only go out looking like a nun.   Actually that is why I wear only black, and why nobody will see  any flesh of mine. I wore Emilia Wickstead,  a chic black mini lace dress with  diamond collar and cuffs.  My shoes had a piano on the side which was quite daring for me by Charlotte Olympia.  I bumped into my friend Tracey Emin who was wearing a gold Vivienne Westwood dress and a new very curly hairstyle, she looked the best yet, obviously she had it done by Charles Worthington, who accompanied her.

Now Let's see who  will win the Oscars..

Best Picture, The King’s Speech After its sweep of the Directors Guild, Producers Guild, and Screen Actors Guild awards, an Oscar win is a certainty
Best Actor, Colin Firth  Of course, well lets cross fingers....
Best Original Screenplay, The King’s Speech Christopher Nolan took the Writers Guild prize for Inception, but that’s only because Speech writer David Seidler wasn’t eligible.
Best Adapted Screenplay, The Social Network Aaron Sorkin is the obvious winner .
Best Animated Film, Toy Story 3 No doubt about it., it had better be.
Best Costume Design, Alice in Wonderland The biggest costumes usually win the Oscar too. I loved the costumes and in my book it should have won best set design too.
Best Sound, Inception It was perfect.
Best Visual Effects, Inception Great but I still loved Alison ...

Best Director, David Fincher There’s a chance Tom Hooper will follow up his DGA trophy with an Oscar, but the more experienced Fincher  is more deserving. Everybody loves Fincher.
Best Actress, Natalie Portman I still think Annette Bening is brilliant,  but Natalie Portman has the edge.
Best Supporting Actor, Geoffrey Rush  Rush is number one for me.
Best Score, The King’s Speech It’s a three-way race for the Oscar between SpeechSocial Network, and Inception, but my favourite by far, because of the body of work and his diverse talent which few know about is Alexandre Desplat. 
Best Cinematography, True Grit  Coen brothers’ longtime DP Roger Deakins should finally win his first Oscar.
Best Editing, The Social Network Network is the best bet.

Best Art Direction, Inception or  Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland crew imagination that few can surpass under his brilliant direction.

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