Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I have been doing Yoga for 30 days now.  I had to, I remembered that it was the solution for any form of sadness. Any form of self pity, or anger, and it has a natural calming quality to it.  I feel I have moved into  another world very quickly.  When I arrived in Thailand I was so exhausted from re doing my house and I had the feeling of disorientation. I just could not think straight.  I realised quickly that I needed to change my life drastically.  Leaving behind all  negativity and misery.
This is a painful process, sometimes relationships have to change,  but the wonderful postures and thought processes of Yoga move your mindset almost immediately.  My mood is better, I am happier, the sun is shining and I feel at last that I can go back to the real world.  I study with the most incredible Yoga teacher in Los Angeles called Eka, she teaches serenely at Yoga Works, and has a mystical superstar quality about her of a long lost Egyptian Princess.  In any case I am determined to carry on practising every day when I go back to London.
I started Yoga in 1992 with Godfrey Devereux an incredible inspiration at the Life Centre in Kensington. Then there was Kisen, Kharti, Lynne, who took me through two pregnancies.  Godfrey, against all odds, made me love it, so I decided to do it for the rest of my life.  It has been nearly twenty years, and I cannot believe it. During that period I have never gone a week without a lesson.  I have learnt so much from guru's and sages. Deepak Chopra and Gizi from Raja Yoga in London.
I am still full of imperfections, but hells bells, so are we all.   I still have the seven deadly sins, they are within all of us, but through practise and meditation you can think before you act.
Try Maya Fiennes class on line, we have easy access to most things to help us..
So for the New Year I am writing my list of ideals.

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