Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I felt shy
I felt I wanted to hide
behind a smile
I felt trapped by
no thought
I felt
I talked too much
I wanted to feel again
and yet I could
I wanted to be held
to listen to
but the silence of
the heart beat
I wanted to be hugged
in the low light
of a yellow room
but all I could hear
was the shallow 
of before and tomorrow
I looked up 
and saw his eyes
loving and in love
I could smell him
I could touch his hair
but all I could do was turn
my back and creap into
sheets that were
I wanted him
I wanted him to
tame me
but he was not there
to tame the wild beast
I have become
I have forgotten
the sensitivity
of fingers
on my back
but I liked him kissing
my neck
I just wish he hadn't talked.
there was nothing to say
I liked him and that
is why
I was there.

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