Friday, 28 January 2011


When asked for an opinion on rich people, I was asked if I thought there was a divide in mentality.  I think anybody can find their fortune, and there are ways of doing it, even as a single mother from a council estate. .  People are resented for having money, this is sad, because if the person resenting had money they too would suffer resentment.  Money is a tool, and it can work for you but it has to be appointed appropriately.  In gentleman prefer blondes Marilyn is asked   "A man being rich is like a girl being pretty, you might not marry her just because she is pretty, but by goodness it helps". Lying in bed with misery doesn't get you anywhere, if your biggest ambition is to get a little more government money by being more indolent, it won't make you the future Queen of England. It won't make you the "Secret Millionaire", it won't make you someone who can open a business and create jobs, which gives others an ability to have a good life. It won't make you into JK Rowling, nursing a cup of coffee because she couldn't afford several, but she was busy writing Harry Potter, and the results speak for themselves.  If everybody was prevented from making money then we might as well live under a horrible regime.
The rich need to be treated with the respect they deserve like any other human being.  They do not need to be portrayed as some alien and viewed with suspicion.  Why should anyone be singled out as a sub culture just because they have a commodity that someone else does not have, whether it is money, or looks or an education, or a special talent, or a disability.  If you single it out it becomes fearful, and is ridiculed.  It is not politically correct to make a divide?
You treat your rich friend like any other friend you may have, because if they are your friend, they are your friend first.  If they have a financial crash they are still your friend.  I have friends from all walks life, all income brackets, with far more than I have, and far less.  When I am sitting with them I do not see a join because there is no join. I do not want to be treated differently.  This is about rich friends, not rich or poor enemies.  If I love them, I love them warts and all.  It seems to be across the board "Never a lender or a borrower be".  If I feel like buying a present for my friend, I buy it, but I don't make huge gestures for the rich, or miniscule for the poor, it is equal, to the feelings at the time.  I see something and I think "A friend would love this".  Why should people be ridiculed because they have a few digits more on the bank statement.
If my friends come to stay rich or poor, I hope that they feel they have the same hospitality.  If I stay with my friends who are less fortunate than myself, I hope that they feel that I am happy to be with them, and that I am not measuring them, or that they feel uncomfortable, or that they have to provide things that they can't afford.  If a person has truly become your friend it transcends the money aspect. If I am other peoples rich friend, I hope they love me for me, warts and all, which they display to me, and equally and for my friends who are infinitely richer than I am, they make me feel we are all equal. Having money addresses the subject of money but nothing else. It doesn't turn back time, it won't buy you real love and a second chance at the first time.
I am often asked the question is it better to be miserable with money or without, I know it's better to be miserable with money.  Remember this however, money does not buy happiness, it buys comfort, and let's hope our green belt in England is not a financial deal for property developers.

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