Sunday, 23 January 2011


I am lying here in my bed and wondering why on earth I came back to England.  I was enjoying myself in the heady sunny atmosphere of Hollywood. I am going back there in less than twenty days.   All good things come to an end and now I am  in my finished house on the river. Even on a gloomy day it has a romantic feel. The boats are fun to play with, I am moving them around in my head. The muddy colour of the river Thames sparks up emotion. It's funny a river can do this?.
I talked to Vincenzo DeMaar today in Croatia, he likes to increase my artistic output and push me .  In any case he is finishing the layout of my new poetry book, The seven deadly sins of a butterfly, we were choosing its colour, he wanted gold I wanted silver.  The book is based on my bad behaviour.   I then decided I might do a show with him in Croatia later this year.  He has lots of imagination, I would like to do an installation involving dance.

There are just not enough hours in a day, off to Paris tomorrow, for another artistic adventure with Liberatum.  Can't wait, better than lying in bed playing with my boats...Paris in the Springtime, you never know what adventures you are going to have there.

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