Thursday, 6 January 2011


I had a really nice letter from Tina Hall, Phuket has been good to us Foundation, at the Thai school, in Kamala, Phuket  yesterday, who were so grateful that I put the information on facebook and on my blog.  They want anybody who is willing and able to go and teach there. The little children were adorable and I immediately wanted to help them. I also heard from my guide at the Amansara who could not afford his school fees.  For very little money there are so many people to help.  He is also a fantastic guide and he is making me a rickershaw, which I have always wanted.  It was the best way to see Angkor Wat and the  other Wat's in the jungle. With so many things to still see I wish I did not have to leave Cambodia and Thailand.
I arrived early in Bangkok, and went to see my friend Rolph Von Beuren.  In my opinion the three taste makers in the East are Adrian Zecha of the Aman Resorts, Rolph Von Beuren who owns tiny little boutique shops in the historical Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This hotel has real history, Churchill came here and many writers, and in the old part you feel the stories in the wooden walls.
 At Lotus, Arts de Vivre, you  can see wonderful unusual objects, rings made of wood with beautiful carved bulls heads on them, diamond necklaces made in Thai writing, boxes, paintings of Chinese girls combing their hair, and the shoes that my son Charlie loves.  Velvet slippers with gold dragons or elephants on them.
 Last but not in any way least, I had the honour of hearing David Tang, the third man of style in the East,  play the piano beautifully, he  sings and is truly a renaissance man. He is interesting, cultured and there is never a dull moment. Best friends with the most exclusive people on the planet, he still let Charles practise all week on his piano.

These  incredibly elegant men with wonderful wives are perfect company.

As you see I really do not want to leave the river here, I am mesmerised by the boats.  I am very happy when I see water.


Vinnes said...

I know that feeling.

I would stay on my land forever, I don't miss anything outside it... except challenges.

Challenges bring us back from the paradise.

Then... satisfied, will return and spend the rest and the best years in my paradise, listening to the sea and the dreamy crickets, surrounded by warmth, energy, and wonderful people of the area, enjoying warm wind and the moon and the stars and the sun smiling down at the landscape. I would sit in the middle of the hill... breathing all... gray old me, watching my grandchildren play...

That is worth challenges, and returning.

Julie Anne Rhodes said...

I want to live in your suitcase.

Vinnes said...

Julie, I want to live in your kitchen. ha ha .... have to try roasted lamb recipe.