Monday, 10 January 2011


I am truly thankful to the people working for me.  I landed in Los Angeles from a very long flight.  I could have felt ratty tired and strung out, but between Thai Airways, and the work of Leura Fine and Arminda Vispos, I arrived to find that my house is nearly finished in Beverly Hills.  It still has twenty men walking through, so I cannot live there, but their workmanship is brilliant.  The 1979 house that I hated so much has been transformed and now has wonderful volume and light.  With views down to the sea it is remarkable. Martyn Lawrence Bullard has been a gift sent from heaven.  This is not his normal job, he just took it on as a friend.  I am now in love with Nicky Haslam and Martyn.. Both have helped me in a charming helpful way.  I don't know which house I prefer, I just know I am  happy and these two men are totally efficient and incredibly inspiring.   They are real men.  That is what I like.
I am also excited about some neon signs made by Michael Fletchner, based on Kay Saatchi's cartoons of me.  The seven deadly sins is about to enter the final stages, I am so excited. Of course they depict my every mood..

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