Saturday, 29 January 2011

35,000 MOONS

I never sleep
I cannot
for fear I miss a 
single second
of my time
on earth
I wake I toss
and think
and write
I watch the
trees outside
and grow
beautiful as
I dye my hair
and prick my skin
to hide the marks
of time
I walk and ride
a bike
and stretch my legs
and read a book
and sing
yet time moves on
I do not improve
I try to stay the same
but notice
it cannot be
and so relax
and hand the
reigns to another
watching the sun
and moon age
as the rose in  the
vase opposite 
does its pink petals
fall and turn
I want to waste
no time with those
who do not love
or care for me
and move
to a stately
home of peace

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