Saturday, 4 December 2010


I am in England, it is snowing in the United Kingdom, and we were once Great Britain.  What has happened to this beautiful nation?.  I remember being proud to be English, now I have to  hide it under my duvet, and mumble, forgetting whether it was politically correct to say English, British etc.  I am totally fed up.  I have no politics and am on nobodies side.  I simply do not want to pay for welfare for the lazies.  If you want to collect thirty thousand a year or even ten you had better qualify correctly for it.  Anybody who does not wish to work I want the rest of England to gang up against them and start saying that what they are doing is wrong.  Why should anything be for free, if you borrow from a bank or your family you pay it back?  We are now paying back  for badly spent money that has been lost in an out of dated system. Nothing is for free, for instance education is paid for by people paying the taxes.  If we are intelligent we are all socialist, but whatever side you are on, things have to be paid back.
The following are exempt, the old, the ill and the genuinely out of work.  That means no indolent youth, men and women who think it's their right to collect their money, their right to have free education, their right for free housing etc.  I love the world but am fed up with so many foreigners here, unless they are paying tax and contributing to our society and love it here, they should find somewhere else.  I want to buy British, be British, and understand what that is. 
If you watch dogs, they stick with their breeds, we are still animals and let's be honest for a second, we stick with ours too.  If I am thought to be racist I am not, I am simply remarking on what is the truth. Everybody in the world sticks to their own. So please can we have our Christmas back, with angels, and celebrate it,  if we are Christians, and if other nationalities and religions want to join us they are most welcome.  In doing this all other countries will have a whole lot more respect for the English.  I love the English way of life, it is different from the Irish and the Scottish, both of which are enjoyable.  We are all different. Let's enjoy the differences. I am writing what I wish to happen to England in the next ten years.  If I don't there will be nothing left that I will recognise.  It's time to speak our minds.. enough is enough.. It's not all about X factor.  If nothing is done, it will be the bullet and not the ballot that decides things. Let's pick ourselves off the floor and get back to being great again...

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