Friday, 17 December 2010

PEROXIDE IS MY BEST FRIEND, and my bedfellow is a dictionary.

I have just been told I am too blonde. Or did they mean stupid? Or  a little bit ditzy? Or so very sweet? Or a man-izer? It can mean so many things.  Perhaps my hair is a little flash, with its purple and black  streaks? Or perhaps the person saying it is a little jealous of the life I have?
With rumours, should we pay attention or should we go ahead and live our lives and not listen?  Well one thing is for sure - I am not about to become a brunette.  All my fun would become dreary straight away.  For a moment, a very small moment, I darkened my hair and the reaction of my sons was horrifying.  They were very young and they said I looked ugly, it was the same reaction when I lengthened my skirts.   In any case without hair dye the world would be a boring place. I love the blondes, it's a girl thing and despite  the jibes I will be remaining close to my bottle of peroxide.

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