Wednesday, 22 December 2010

NLP - How To Be Attractive


Vinnes said...

Ah, suggestive instructions which these talkers accent on "telling who you are, and who you are supposed to be",like this Bandler's novelty system called NLP, embraced by corporates, pua community and self-help movement using talking models of "anchoring, patterns, calibration..." to drive their suggestion to the audience.

I remember the first time I've seen Bandler on NLP lecture in Munich in the 90's which sounded like highly logical set of thoughts, but what "NLP" is tricking you into is to fool you about its own reality : it's illusional, dogmatic and doesn't fit to human natural way. Look at the name N(euro)L(inguistical)P(rogramming). So are you a C++ compiler?

Although, yes, it has novelty qualities to hook up everyday people into it, and probably "self-help" them to one extent, although on the flat artificially induced level.

Vinnes said...

Addendum, IMHO, NLP is dogmatic by nature and its dogma is not laying on the usual social meeting points with views exchanged in a human standard, quite the opposite, it forces you to believe it's neutral and stands higher than anything.