Friday, 10 December 2010


In May I gave twelve thousand dollars to change some tyres and  engine of my car.  I had known Chrome Angels Candles for about two years.  Harley Riker,(husband of Michelle Riker)  from Beverley Hills High School, the CEO of  bullshit, wanted the money upfront. Hey hey the monkeys. I said "Okay" after all he had sort of helped me, but after six months of evading my calls, making me feel bad that he was sick, my engine has still not been changed.  The car which was reinvented was never good at going up hill, I was assured it would have a new life.  Pity as I liked his candles, I was amused by Harley and I love my car. I am going to get my money back, if not thousands of candles.

It takes me back to the summer when the snobby Jock from Lyola Law School who was a sort of assistant assistant on Friends,  who dressed in woodpecker brown, took me for a ride. when he asked to stay in Europe, by conning me, costing me about five thousand dollars. Isn't it funny that old aged pensioners and crooks get accepted into law school?  Well, of course he did....  It also proves to me one thing that no one can  be trusted.  They are both small amounts of money, yet it is so boring, I would rather give it to the Republican Party or spend it in PRADA. I may get robbed but at least I get something back for it..

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Vinnes said...

It would be cheaper if you just threw him out the helicopter. xx