Thursday, 30 December 2010


How important do you think the bloggers voice is?.. Is it purely egocentricity that keeps us writing? Is it because each person on the planet has something interesting to say? Is it more important than the newspaper?..
I am beginning to think all of the above is true.
The newspaper is dying there is no doubt, but there is nothing better than reading one on a Sunday next to a fire.
When there are also so many uninteresting blogs.  Whose is good and whose is bad is purely personal, and relies heavily on the tenacity of the writer.  The Ipad has made the blog more palatable to read..

The blog is often used as a slanging match against the world.  Public wars somehow do not feel public, and it is a free way to get your point across.  I have used it to make complaints and it has been very efficient.  Bills have been reduced, people have finished jobs and today acts of injustice have been over turned.
It is cheaper than taking an advertisement out in a newspaper or paying a lawyer.  Provided somebody has the energy to keep their blog going it has the ability to make a difference.  Mine is used usually to share classical music, social occasions, film and fashion.  I try to keep it reasonably light.  Other bloggers like to be vile in order get readership.. We can name them, it is easy to find, attached to typical subjects,  sex money and debauchery.   It depends if you are a readership whore.
Facebook as we know is not discreet. Your friends,  on these sites are not necessarily your friends.  I  have often forgotten.
Don't forget
Immediately google can pick up, and wow you have a Facebook scandal.  I am closing my Facebook to any comments at all except for music which I will share with a  few interested and interesting intellectuals.
The good news is some lives have been saved, the woman Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani who was being stoned in Iran was overturned, unfortunately she is now accused of murder as her supposed boyfriend killed apparently the husband adding complications;  and Amanda Knox's trial re opened and the evidence re questioned.

On another occasion some generous people have sent me their artwork ...that is the good and generous side of the internet.

The rest is all rather declasse and not necessarily true.  Luckily I am fortunate to have brilliant editor, Tim Willis working on  mine, and as he has learnt from the rocky road of journalism it is better to be positive.  I too have just learnt that...
Of course there is that old saying "Anything said is better than nothing at all" but let's face it not really.

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