Thursday, 23 December 2010


I feel strongly against the society in Iran, and the sentencing of  Jafar Panahi and many other film directors, and it proves that we must fight in the West for his release.  The abusive and critical regime he lives under needs to be fought against, and freedom of speech and the strong will of society no longer repressed.  There will be other dictatorships, there will be changes and one day the people that have put innocent people in jail will be in jail themselves.  The circle of life is evident everywhere and at our fingertips.  Let's call for the freedom of this great director and follow people like Pablo Ganguli and other peoples fights against narrow minded cultures that do not belong in todays society but somewhere in 200 AD.

The mosquito no longer bites me, it shows that this brilliant creature knows I am old stock, as I child and a young woman I was bitten to death.

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one day things may be different