Wednesday, 29 December 2010

FBI Agent Steve Moore Claims Amanda Knox Is Innocent of Murder ABC News


Patrick King said...

Every day more people with authority come to this kid's defense. Steve Moore has been working on this for months. Last week John Douglas, one of the founders of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, and a renowned profiler, expressed his opinion Amanda Knox is innocent. Today, Rocco Girlanda, an elected Italian official, request that Edgardo Giobbi, head of the Rome forensic team that first arrested Amanda Knox, remove her photo from his "wall of shame," where it's been posted BEFORE SHE WAS FORMALLY CHARGED.

This case has been as bad a miscarriage of justice as I've ever heard. I only hope her life can be recovered after she's released. She's always going to have to deal with this because a bunch of cops were too lazy to do their jobs correctly.

michellesings said...

Hey, I know that guy!!!
I want to tell you something about Steve . He IS the real deal, and he is full of character, honor and integrity. He's been attacked for for just about every reason imaginable on things that are simply false. I think that when you stand up for something you believe in and even attach your real name and person to it, you put yourself at risk. I guess that goes with the territory. But it's a risk I would take regardless... :)
Thank you for posting this, this was very cool to discover.
:) ~michelle moore

We've lost a lot based on our convictions, and if we had to do it over again (ouuuch) we would do the same. Sincerely, Michelle Moore