Thursday, 2 December 2010

DESIGNING AND FALLING ASLEEP TO Shigeru Umebayashi's beautiful music

I have escaped the snow and arrived in Los Angeles where of course I have jet lag.  Awake in the middle of the night I am drawn to film music for inspiration.. There are so many incredible works out there.  The church obviously no longer provides inspiration but the film world does.  I love the work of
Shigeru Umebayashi, In the Mood for love being one of my favourites, also a Single Man, so despite the lack of sleep I happily make trips to my new palace in the canyons above Beverly Hills.

My house here has been so improved by interior designer of the year Martyn Lawrence Bullard, and his wonderful assistant Leura, that he can soon put his name to it. The house in Benedict Canyon belonged to Janet Leigh who built it in 1979. Ugly with red wood and red brick, and large pylons crossing its view, I thought it was ready to be bulldozed. I asked Martyn if he would help me as I am doing another house in London. He said yes. I said please send an elf as this house is seriously not for you. Leura Fine his assistant then listened to me carefully in the project, we simply could not spend a fortune on it, due to the fact we did not know if we could pull the whole thing off, and make it incredible. I think she has, and with mine and Martyn's ideas combined we may have a winner. Too early to truly say, but I feel I have a right to be pleased. With views to the sea now I have to be creative outside.

Gardens here are so expensive that they are completely out of order to totally re do. I am on a creative mission. Today is the day where I shall use all my imagination to improve it, and this one certainly requires it.

In the meantime I shall fall asleep to Shigeru Umebayashi works of art.

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