Thursday, 23 December 2010


The Amanpuri is my second home.  I arrived here, and although not in Villa 17, I am immediately made welcome and put into the hotel.  I feel loved here.  In fact few places on the planet can make me feel this included.
It is good to travel, to see and experience as much as possible.  At the same time I like to feel happy and so with no hesitation I say that this wonderful hotel, with its fascinating clientele is the best place on the planet.  I have come nearly every year since it opened in 1988.
Today for the first time I tried out the spa, I really hate spa's and lying still. However, it is time to rest.  I have had a very busy year and although I am happy being a drama Queen, there has been too much activity, so it was with pleasure that I had the most incredible massage and scrub of my life.  Lemon grass was rubbed all over me with some pepper and then I had a deep finger massage to stop the signs of ageing on my legs, which  need to be shown and have cellulite.  The girl promises me that within three days it will have diminished.
My yoga lesson this morning made me feel like a spring chicken so let's see what I will look like in a week, spoilt brat that I am.

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