Sunday, 21 November 2010


It's a gloomy day on the Thames but I have decided to do Spring cleaning early.  We are in November and boats are silent in brown water.  I am happy cleaning and finishing my house trying to rid the most romantic house in Chelsea of any signs of builders and mice. It's a hard job, yesterday more gas pipes were messing up the hall but I am doing my best.  It's domestic bliss without a man round here.  I am putting myself again on in the hope that a knight in shining armour is just a street away, and will put a cheerful smile on my loneliness. After all it is my decision.  I can no longer support the idle and depressed.  I have too much to do, and it's too easy to go down that path however painful life is.
Instead I had a girlie day with Behsat Ahmet the best pilates teacher in the world, he has actually repaired my  back with a series of calculated exercises.  I often wonder if I will ride a horse again and feel the wind through my hair. I  had the most delicious eggs benedict with my friend Amanda Neville from the British Film Institute at the Wolsey, who gave us the best table in the house.  We had fun together in Dolce and Gabbana, I tried on every dress in the house and she had patience.  I ended up with a see through lace number calculated to show off my new skinny frame.  Yes I am a whole lot thinner than I was a week ago, let's hope it stays off and I find a man who only enjoys macrobiotic food.

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