Sunday, 21 November 2010


Simon Cowell is the cleverest man in England.  He has the whole nation watching.  It's like when my son watches Match of the Day and his beloved Chelsea loses.  It's heart wrenching.  I want all these talented people to be successes.  Yesterday I voted for Katie, I just didn't want to see her go, her little brown bob, so cute and so clever took away the blonde brassiness and suddenly she was the nations favourite.
This week end television is becoming so exciting. Poor  Nigel Havers in Get me out of Here who said that "Every day is like a year" he said "I am in a mental asylum" I don't blame him I hate rats, creepy crawlies and nasties, and I also hate the inane conversation, "I don't do Kangaroo courts" Bravo Mr Havers.  I would leave within the first hour.  I wondered what an intelligent man like him was doing there.
I want to throw the television out of the window, it is so incredibly addictive.  I need to read a book and go to the theatre, anything to get me out of here..actually I understand why its nearly the end.. but one good thing  congratulations to The Royal couple, I hope that they will be very happy.

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