Monday, 1 November 2010


I learn things everyday, thank goodness, and yesterday I learnt how to grow a Pineapple, in any case this beautiful fruit takes two years to grow and has magical properties to improve your health. I am beginning to appreciate nature more and more. Last night I sat clearing and throwing out old things . You know rubbish I had accumulated over many years.  Many tiny objects that I have not a clue where they have come from.    However I will not throw any billet doux, they are rare treasures that can stay. I have old roses given to me twenty years ago that are as precious to me now as they were then. I love flowers from a man, it is so rare to find a real man with strong arms that they should be appreciated and remembered.
I am moving today from the Connaught Hotel, which is  the most comfortable London Hotel you can find. I can't wait to be in my shell bed watching the boats go up and down the River Thames, I am excited and despite the delays I shall be happy to sleep between the sheets in my own bed again. It has been a spin dryer of a year, and I would like to be calm.
Yesterday as I walked round London I noticed it had taken on a ghostly charm for Halloween.

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