Thursday, 25 November 2010


Do you know how to pack a suitcase? Truly do you know?  Well you put the heaviest things at the bottom or preferably in another bag so as not to ruin your very expensive clothes.  Well even if they are cheap, please use tissue paper, it looks great and protects your clothes from everything, from changes of temperature to smells.  I love  using oodles of it.  My grandmother used to tell me to do this all the time.  Whether you are rich or poor it is a good idea to look after your clothes.  I never hang them in my cupboard without a plastic cover and some rosemary/lavender.  I love the smell of both.  Do not squash too much into a bag, in any case you never wear everything.   Think carefully.  Put clothes out on the bed and mix and match them before leaving on a journey. I tend to wear my favourite things all the time. At the moment it is a fake Chanel dress from Primark costing fifteen pounds, and taken up and in, mixed with a Chanel coat it looks fun. I love it.  Try to be imaginative and not idle.  It is too easy to throw things on.  Always go to the mirror before leaving and take one thing off. P.S clean and mend your shoes.. do not automatically throw them away if they need their heels done. Never leave the house without a little make up, when you look your worst is when you bump into the very person you don't want to.. Remember your hair or wear a hat. A berry is extremely useful and hides a multitude of sins.

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