Tuesday, 2 November 2010


The sound of drills the smell of paint and loads of men working in my house is  exactly the way I like to live life. I woke up happily lying between crisp white sheets in my new house that feels like home and it is only the first day and there are still so many little jobs to be done.  I am happy watching the boats from my bed and hearing the noise of people outside.  It sounds so different from Chester Square.  I lived there for twenty years and I adored everything about it, but this house feels like home, my home.  I look outside at the garden and imagine growing vegetables, it does not have a lot of light, but I am sure that I can grow one or two things there. I think I shall at last adore domestic bliss . This house feels strangely bohemian, although now it is thoroughly modern and I keep pinching myself that it is actually mine.  I fell in love with it two years ago, I so loved the boats  and evan the cars look attractive. Unpacking my removal boxes has become a meditation.  I cannot believe I am here.. I also adored its decoration, it had a 1970's appeal to it, fighting for it, immediately bewitched by its magical properties.

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