Wednesday, 24 November 2010


The house is very nearly finished and my temper is slowly getting back to normal, not quite as hysterical and dramatic, but of course it is difficult to change.  Although the house looks masculine and stark I am trying to make it more glamorous and exciting.  I am not sure I like the white boxes that have become so fashionable and favoured by contemporary architects.  Adoring rather rococo splendour and drama.  I am amused by restoration comedy, a favourite is Congreve's play "The way of the world" .
Last night felt like a 17th century coffee house, full of writers and leaders from various fields of film, music, fashion and art, created by Pablo Ganguli and the organisation Liberatum in order to help merge people from these fields from all over the world for global understanding.   Most people would put two or three people together for a small dinner party but he has the energy and charm to mix 100.  Through a naive exuberance, he is fast becoming a central focus in the arts scene, a la Peggy Guggenheim but including every medium.  If you are lucky enough always say yes to his invitations.  I learn something incredible every time.  The party was generously hosted by Pablo and the beautiful socialite, Ella Krasner for the Nobel Laureate and Sir V.S and Lady Naipaul, at the Langham Hotel whose food was totally delicious.  The guests included the editor of Italian Vogue, Franca Sozzani; film directors Stephen Frears and Terry Gilliam; artists Grayson Perry; Mat Collishaw and Polly  Morgan; writer and director Danny Moynihan; Polly Sampson, David Gilmour,and The Evening Standard Editor Geordie and his wife Kathryn Greig; the literary agent  Ed and and his wife Carol Victor; and so on filling the room with intellects, wits and raconteurs. 

I rushed there from Lady Helen Taylor's party for designer Allegra Hicks who has just done a book called "Eye of design"and  Cartier's party for Lady Woolton's book on Fashion for Jewels.  It's hectic in London, not a dull moment.

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