Monday, 22 November 2010


Anna Dello Russo is extraordinary.  she is the belle laide Italian fashion enthusiast  who wears clothes that most people would not dare have in their wardrobes.  A collector for twenty years of couture she probably makes my huge wardrobe and eccentricity look positively under nourished, definitely an Italian individual.  The lucky Japanese Vogue have her as their editor at large and creative director.  For many years she worked at Italian Vogue and L'uomo Vogue, and is, as Helmut Newton said "a fashion maniac", she admits to owning over 4,000 pairs of shoes and has a some weird and wonderful for hats.  I see her at all the fashion shows where she is followed by truck loads of photographers snapping at her every angle.  Anna never wears anything twice so she definitely beats me on extravaganza. Whether you like what she wears or not, she has guts and humour in this area where others can be so boringly intellectual.

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