Monday, 4 October 2010


At dinner last night Jean Louis Sebagh was asking me what blogging actually meant, what was the interest in it, and that it was noisy.
The importance of blogging is that its quick, efficient and unedited, and because it is raw, and that persons truth, however ghastly, it makes mostly interesting reading.
Of course there are many blogs of differing standards, but they are our future. Much more important than anybody realises now.  Wait and see. The bloggers have the ability to change opinion, to make people think, to amuse and to educate.  I love them.  Perhaps you have to sieve them just a little, but its like being in the unedited room at a newspaper. There is a freeness to them that newspaper editorial has lost. For instance I love Italian Vogue, the photography the feel, but I like to read the opinion of Franca Sozzani's honest blog.  It takes fashion news to a different level.
I do it because I have written a diary every day of my life so it is more convenient to do it on a computer and its fun to share thoughts.  I have also met some incredible people through doing it and they have added a new if not surreal dimension. It's like talking to a friend who you have never met.

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