Sunday, 3 October 2010


Victor and Rolf love shirts and all the different ways of wearing them stripes, several cuffs on a sleeve, black and white, orange and white,   For me the show split down the middle between practical and fantasy. It generally worked though. I adore their style and one of my most favourite suits came from there.

Gaultier was all over the place and seemed to put his energy entirely into Beth Ditto.  My son told me off today as he said Beth could be anything she wanted.  He asked me to remove my previous blog about her weight because everybody loved her. I said I would keep it up, that I prefer honesty.  I don't really like famous people participating in fashion shows, they take over the show, and the clothes become hidden. Of course they advertise the house, but I bet his press is all about Beth and not about Gaultier.  He needs nobody as he is incredibly talented.

As for Galliano, his fantasy is pure magic.  Chiffon over skin. Stories are told and excitement lives again. A story of a woman in a picture.  I wanted everything.  Beautiful clothes cleverly told. I want to read the novel, the history.  He inspired me. Each portrait more extraordinary than the last. Like the ghost of his muse I understand this woman because I to ran to Hollywood and bought a house.  I don't know why, I just did, the only difference is I never left home.  Anyway his clothes were stunning.

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