Monday, 4 October 2010


With Katie Grand, Dazed and Confused, Giles Deacon, the make up artists and stunning hair styles, Ungaro is looking up.  In the middle of a beautiful contemporary garden, in Paris. Giant butterflies, and a van were covered with flowers, while the girls walked around as if they were having tea on a beautiful sunny day.  Pretty dresses all shapes and shades of June flowers,  faded pink, violet, shocking pink, looked delicate and chic against the stormy sky of Paris.  Other dresses were made of fragile black lace and worn with a silver bra to incredible effect.  As a fan of  Giles Deacon I could see  he had designed wearable attractive  dresses, that made women look like  beautiful sophisticated girls again.
Of course Giles may not have all the answers, but I loved the way the clothes were shown, and actually it was more fun than sitting and seeing yet another show in the same format. I wanted to interact and join in the party. I loved the use of lace and feathers.
I wore this flower hair band from Dolce and Gabbana which when I bought it should would be ridiculous, however so many people loved it, and it luckily matched the mood of Ungaro. Phew. My makeup was flawless and thanks to Emma O'Byrne, and the hair by my amazing friend, Snowdon Hill..

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