Friday, 8 October 2010


I love Tracey Emin, she looked brave and ravishing last night in her black chiffon dress by Vivienne Westwood. I arrived just in time at her new studio to buy her drawing of a moth, and now she will draw me as a moth too.  Very beautiful.  I llike her small drawings of birds and this is the first I have seen of an insect.

Her new studio is beautiful, vast and hers she proclaims.  Room after room, I could live there.

She then gave us a delicious dinner cooked by the brilliant chef Mark Hix. Earlier in the day I had eaten at his new cafe in Selfridges, the food was delicious.

What I like about her group of friends is their loyalty to her and how welcoming they are. They are all wonderful people, Nancy d'Olio, Matt Collishaw, Polly Morgan, Vivienne Westwood, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, and many many more.  As I was eating I noticed underneath the table  that Vivienne had fabulous legs.. I looked around and  Tracey did too what a funny evening. I then began seeing everybody's. A world upside down and I never drink.

Fashion now seems a long long way a way, but I had a very cheerful conversation with Vivienne Westwood in the back of my car. It made the whole of the last month that more interesting.

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