Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Sarah Burton pulled it off, she has taken over where Mcqueen left off. She did this in a majestic way and without steeling the show. She put new energy gently into the collection, grass creeping through floorboards, a smaller space to show the collection, less ego, less mechanics, and yet still kept her faith in the direction that they had built together as a team.
There was still the stunning tailoring, this time in white.  Still the crazy shoes this time with a thinner heals. Still the wonderful structured suits.
The incredible butterfly and feather dresses.  The unusual hair styles, by Guido's  happy team of enormously talented hairdressers like Snowden Hill.  The hair was like basket weave reflecting back to nature too.  In this very emotional air, Sarah looked nervous, but she
did not need to be. she brought everybody together again, in a British stiff upper lip way.  My hat off to her.  It was good to see behind the scenes that Phillip Treacy was sitting there quietly, and Guido too.

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