Friday, 15 October 2010


The art world is in danger, Safeways springs to mind. It is on the verge of becoming a vegetable in this razmatazz world of superficiality.  The Fashion scene is more realistic, it is what it is, and only has to be taken seriously because it is a huge commodity.  The problem with art, is that it should have a beauty,feel and depth  to it, but is surrounded by cowboys, hangers on, and people who generally just want a good time and don't know dick shit about art.  Boy does it give a good time.
Frieze was huge as usual, and you could get lost amongst the lettuces and carrots.  It is tricky to know what to buy unless you have a friend in the know.  Tonight I went to Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane to a show that had its  share of  art stars in it.  Tracey Emin had a piece, Sarah Lucas, Mat Collishaw and Polly Morgan too.  I fell in love a lot and bought a lot.  It was a good show. The point is that behind the drunken leering beasts, beauty was virtually hidden. I went to support my friend Scarlett Carlos Clarke who had made her first piece with Tim Noble. (Tim Noble and Sue Webster)  Well thats a leg up, I take off my hat to Tim helping a young artist.   Scarlett is not just anyone to us, she is the daughter of a very precious best friend, the late Bob Carlos Clarke who was a wonderful photographer and his wife Lindsey.
She made a cross with bosoms and an eye.  Good for her. I love her artworks and am fully behind her.

Daffyd Jones was in a corner taking photographs and enlarging them and putting them up on the wall.
I was meant to go to a wonderful dinner of Lakar Padoor, a huge collector of art, but this morning I stupidly cancelled, I was ill in the morning , it would have been a great dinner. Pity.

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