Saturday, 2 October 2010


Clearly Vivienne Westwood was serious when she told us to go to the back of our wardrobe, pull out old clothes and not buy anything for six months. Her collection was was hardly worked on (although I did love her use of chiffon on her corset dresses, which became more girly and attractive). Really all we need to do is use our imagination and regularly change our hair and make up.
Meanwhile, Yohji Yamamoto looks as if he has been taken over by Lorca and has great aunts in Seville who have had a lot of mourning to do recently. Is he a lover of Blood Wedding?
Sadly these two are usually in my top ten of designers but somehow they are weary - if not quite as tired as Zac Posen, who loves the boudoir. All  frou frou and feathers, there were some wearable dresses, but do I need to look like I am ready for the bedroom in the middle of the day?
Lanvin's clothes had a touch of glamour that we needed.

Yet again the only one I could possibly wear is Christian Dior, John Galliano, has yet again done some pretty dresses that men could  be happy to take us out in.

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