Sunday, 17 October 2010

ORIEL HARWOOD and her fabulous CASTLE

Oriel Harwood is a  magical fantasist, I would like to able to delve into her brain. Last night she gave a Russian Party full of the eccentric, Mark Brazier-Jones, Stephen Jones, Vicky from Erickson and Beamon wearing the most incredible armour, and some marvellous characters that exist only in your imagination.  Her house is opulent.  Oriel is a maximalist in the way I am too. We have similar  ideas only she is able to transform them and turn them into creatures from a another time.  A theatrical set.  Her bedroom could easily be mine.  She did the handles of doors on my last house.  We like the same colours,  and she is able to draw what she wants to create.  Both the year of the Rat we love to work. Last night was  a wonderful dream.

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